Student Development and Service Department is intended to introduce students to the academic training system, program specific identity, ensure possibilities to learn, support and encourage students and as well as bring them up as a mature morality individuals.

Support and help students’ education activities:

  • Grants and scholarships
  • Counseling
  • Health services
  • Dormitory services
  • Supporting students with disabilities

Support students spend their free time properly; give them a wide range of knowledge and skills concerning culture, traditions and practical experience

  • Arts and Sports Festivals
  • Lectures on individual development, workshops, seminars
  • Voluntary clubs

Help students to acquire research work skills and competence  

  • Research conferences, forums and meetings
  • Lecture of scientists
  • Workshops, seminars
  • Professional competitions and Olympiads
  • Professional clubs

Actions and services on increasing students’ employment, graduates labor

  • Employers Fair
  • Counseling
  • Studies and Information
  • Promote the Occupation

Improvements of student personal formation, ethics, and communications

  • Actions aimed to public and community
  • Training, lectures and seminars
  • Counseling

Student Development and Service Department

Address: Main Campus of MUST, 3rd floor, Room 327, Contact telephone number: 976-321184, 324950- 1035, Email: