Student service


There are 5 dormitories at MUST which accommodate more than 1,800 students a year. In addition students celebrate feasts such as the New Year and Tsagaan sar celebration in their dormitory, as well as arts and sports competitions. Competition ‘’My dormitory is my home’’ is held every year. Dormitory #1 is visited by fellows from overseas, visiting professors, foreign exchange students.

Address: MUST Student Dormitory#1  8th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Tel: 70135015

Health service

Medical Center of MUST is located in the main campus of the university. Health center provides therapy cabinet, rehabilitation and physical therapy cabinet, nurses post, dental clinic examination for diagnostic and rehabilitation services, preventive maintenance, and consulting. In the branch schools of Business Administration and Humanities, Information and Telecommunication Technology, Mechanics and Transport there are physician’s medical centers which provide first aid services to university stuff, students and other employers. New entered  students to MUST are undergone medical check-up and given a student medical card.

AddressMUST Hospital 1st floor, MUST Block No.3, 4 Tel: 976-11-324590 (ext 1055)  

Health insurance

The Study Affairs Departments at branch schools is responsible for students’ health insurance involvement. Freshmen are obliged to have health insurance in fall semester; every student must have it in spring semester.    

Foreign Student Health Insurance

Foreign students are included in the preliminary diagnosis medical examination and  covered by health insurance. To have health insurance foreign students need a copy of his/her passport, confirmation on foreign civil registry.

Student ID card

Student ID card is a basic document to ensure that he/she is a student at the University of Science and Technology. For getting a student e-card a student is required to submit a 3x4 size photo file with a pixel of 413’531 to their Study Affairs Department. New entrants are allowed a free student e-card. In the case of loss it is charged a payment for the e-card.

Students can use electronic ID for the following purposes:

- Visiting university library

- Getting reference from automatic machine  

- Getting cards on public transport discount

- Visiting and consultation at the school doctor’s cabinet

- Taking final exams

- Settling in student’s dormitory

Student’s payment card

 Students, who are necessary to use public transports have to fill e-payment card application form and are required to submit it to the office of academic affairs with the following documents:

- Reference of residence

- copy of ID card

- copy of Student ID card

- copy of Certificate of Admission

- Deposit slip

- Application form