DGIST Fall 2017 application process for MUST students

4-р сар. 21, 2017, 2:36 p.m.

[Details about recommendation for MUST students]

We would like to kindly ask you to send us a list of students you recommend for our admission by May 1st (Mon) - KST.

Please mention each applicant's Name / University & Major & Degree / DGIST Major & Program to apply / E-mail  in the list.

For example; John Smith / MUST, Computer Engineering, B.S / Information and Communication Engineering, M.S / abc@gmail.com

Each department has set the limit for the number of students recommended. Details are as below;


Number Limit

Emerging Materials Science

3 students

Information & Communication Engineering


Robotics Engineering

3 students

Energy Systems Engineering

5 students

Brain & Cognitive Sciences


New Biology

5 students


We would really appreciate if you could recommend students who wish to enter DGIST. 

Students need to submit their application by themselves through our online application webpage.  

http://www.jinhakapply.com/frame601028.aspx : online application webpage open at 10:00 AM, April 20 (Thu) - KST ]

Please find attached the application guidelines which explains how to use our application webpage.

After filling out their online application form and personal statement & study plan, please kindly guide them to email us by 15:00, May 4 (Thu) - KST. 

We will inform the application system administrator to skip the fee payment step until 16:00, May 4 (Thu) - KST.
- According to the M.O.U contract, the application fee is waived for MUST students.  


Students can upload their documents on the webpage after payment - by 17:00, May 4 (Thu) - KST 

Application guideline татах

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