Call for International Credit Mobility of UMOVE(ME) 2022
2023-05-15 10:59 Батзориг

The first call for the International Credit Mobility (ICM) submission of applications is open.

The International Credit Mobility (ICM) is part of the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus + Program and allows a HEI in a Programme country to send/receive students, teaching and non-teaching staff to study, teaching and training missions to/from an HEI in a Partner country. UMOVE(ME) is the institutional project of UMinho under ICM, which allows UMinho to receive/send students, teaching and non-teaching staff from/to several partner countries.

All applications must be submitted online by the 31st of May 2023, using the following link

Please read carefully all the information and submit your application online. 


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