168 pieces of training equipment of 64 types were handed over within the framework of the “Higher Engineering Education Development” project

Within the framework of the “Higher Engineering Education Development” project under the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia, the purchase of laboratory equipment was organized in 2017 and 2018 based on the needs of the learning environment of the MUST. In this procurement process, the School of Applied Sciences had received 58 pieces of 31 types of equipment, and the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture had received 42 pieces of 21 types of equipment such as “Laboratory of Soil Mechanics”, “Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering”, “Laboratory of Road Construction Material Research”, “Laboratory of Environmental and Water Research”, “Laboratory of Building Testing”, and the School of Power Engineering had received 168 pieces of 64 types of equipment such as “Laboratory of System Automation”, “Laboratory of Industrial Automation” and “Laboratory of Electronics and Power Electronics”. Therefore, 2 more laboratories are in the stage of preparation of establishment at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation.


On 20th October, the Project Implementation Unit has officially handed over the laboratory equipment to the MUST. These equipment and tools are delivered in accordance with international standards, for training purposes, and are used in countries with advanced technology.