Awarded Ph.D Degree

In August 2020, Ms. Munkhtsatsral G., a trainee lecturer of the Department of Biotechnology and Nutrition of the School of Industrial Design, has successfully completed doctoral program and awarded Ph.D degree at Changwon National University, South Korea within the framework of the collaboration between two universities. 

Therefore, Ms. Bayarmaa E., a laboratory assistant of the Department of Biotechnology and Nutrition, has sucessfully completed doctoral program at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Lodz, Poland  and awarded Ph.D degree in the topic of “Badania kompleksow inkluzyjnych fybranych fungicydow z alfa- i beta-cyklodekstrynami” on 20 August 2020. 

Outcome: By defending the doctoal dissertations, Ms. Munkhtsatsral G. and Ms. Bayarmaa E. are increasing the percentage of the faculty members with Ph.D degrees to 66.7% and meets the statrategic plan of "MUST-2030" by 2025.  


Department of Biotechnology and Nutrition

School of Industrial Desgin