"Master's + Doctoral" from Kwangwoon University, South Korea student exchange program

"Master's + Doctoral" from Kwangwoon University, South Korea

student exchange program

South Korean Kwangwoon University, a University with a cooperation agreement with MUST, presents the Master+Doctoral (5-years) student exchange program starting in the fall of 2024. The program will select and study students in the following majors. It includes:

  • Department of Electric Engineering
  • Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Materials Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Robotics
  • Department of Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Architectural Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Convergence Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Architecture

Kwangwoon University Scholarships:

  • Tuition fee 100%
  • Monthly living expenses 700-800 thousand won
  • Health insurance 100%

Important dates

Course start date: September 2024. 

Interview: on May 24, 2024 (Friday) at MUST.

Deadline for applications: At MUST from April 22, 2024 (Monday) to May 3, 2024 (Friday). At Kwangwoon University: May 13, 2024.

  1. Acceptance period at MUST: from April 22, 2024 (Monday) to May 3, 2024 (Friday) until at 5:00 p.m., all materials in printed and PDF (Please send it to onon@must.edu.mn, write on email Subject: Kwangwoon University "Master+Doctoral" student exchange program). Incomplete or non-compliant materials will not be accepted.
  2. The deadline for receiving documents in person at Kwangwoon University: May 13, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. (materials must be delivered by international mail).

NOTE: Printed documents submitted to MUST can be copies of original documents. The documents sent by email to onon@must.edu.mn, must be originals. Also, all documents delivered by mailed to Kwangwoon University must be originals.

InterviewAfter receiving the documents, it will be held on May 24, 2024 (Friday) at MUST. For more information on general requirements, application materials and programs, please visit the following links. Graduate School website of the Kwangwoon University: https://graden.kw.ac.kr/admission/calendar.php and Admission Guidebook click here and download 


  • To fill out the application online, click on the following link to create an account, download it and fill it out. https://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/ko/receipt/OnlineReceipt11.do
  • Application fee 60,000 won. The application fee is to be paid online, please visit following link https://graden.kw.ac.kr/admission/recruitment.php for payment details).
  • Please bring all documents in printed and PDF format to MUST  room number 1-218.
  • The applicants responsible for the cost of sending the documents by international mail to the Kwangwoon University, South Korea.
  • Incomplete or non-compliant and late materials will not be accepted.

Coordinators of the MUST:

  • Name: Tsend-Ayush Chimed-Ochir (Ph.D, Associate Professor of Dept. of Computer Science, SICT, MUST)Tell:  976+ 86066338Email: tsend-ayush@must.edu.mn
  • Name: Office of International Relations & Social Partnerships, MUST (1-218)Phone: 11-329081Tell:  976+ 99128586Email: onon@must.edu.mn

Coordinators of the Kwangwoon University:

  • Name: Enkhzaya Ganbold (RFIC Center Post-doc)Tell:  +82 010-6569-8981Email: enkhzaya@kw.ac.kr


Office of International Relations and Social Partnerships of MUST 1-218